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Hi, I'm Jonathan and this is my journey. I was once 320, then I weighed 240, then I shot back up to 280. This is my journey to reclaim my body and find the fit guy that I was always meant to be. Hope you enjoy the ride...

Permalink Recapping the day and stuff. Eating went well, C25K went well, but work was horrible. I enjoyed my job for the first 4 weeks I was there, now I hate it. We have this new office manager that is just horrible, she threw off the amazing office chemistry we had and she’s ridiculously condescending. Th days just drag on now while I’m at work. I’ve started submitting my resume to other job openings, we’ll see how it goes. In other news we are now in August which means I have two months until I take the LSAT, I’m not really worried at all but everyone says I should be shaking in my boots. I’m working on myself on an emotional and psychological level now too, I’m learning to let go of all attachments and just not care about anything. Just creating a new me one day at a time.
Permalink If only everyday looked like this. Today was a fantastic day, eating was on point, exercise was done, work wasn’t too bad, and I got some recreational reading done. By the way, do all the hot ladies go to the gym at 10ish at night? I’ve always ever gone to the gym 5ish in the morning or 12ish at night, and tonight I went at 10 and I’ve been missing out. Might just be making 10 o’clock at night my new gym time, not that I really look at the girls anyways but the few seconds of eye contact as I walk in and out are totally worth it, sigh. lol

Weighing in and all that good stuff.

I didn’t post a weigh in last week because I just completely forgot about it. Last week was pretty hectic and I had no time for anything really. I weighed in today for the first time in two weeks and I weighed in at 295.7. which means I lost 2.8 pounds since that weigh in two weeks ago. This also puts me halfway to the next goal which is 290 pounds. C25K is going alright, I’m repeating a week just because I didn’t feel like I was ready for the next week. I’m taking my time a lot more this time around, I don’t want to rush things and have them fall apart again. Mentally and emotionally I’m in a good spot right now. I can’t wait for this week end, I don’t really have plans but work is driving me crazy. That’s it for now, gotta get back to work, I hope everyone has a fantastic day. 


Doing Life, Long Run and Boot Camp :)


These words resonated with me after watching Ben’s video the first time.  I remember sitting at our computer desk forever changed by the fact that I had no excuse for not doing more and most importantly, that I was capable of running despite weighing over 250 pounds.  I had witnessed a man far heavier than myself challenging himself to run an Ironman and succeeding.  The VERY next day I began C25K.  While I was en route to the event on Saturday, I was thinking about how important this video was to my life and how it was a huge turning point for me.  I really didn’t expect to actually have the opportunity to discuss this with Ben and then the opportunity presented itself.

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So nice meeting her, one of the nicest and most awesome persons ever. I’ll get around to writing about the Do Life Tour eventually. 

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Do Life: LA was such a good time. In fact, it still is. We’ve been hanging out at Panera for the last few hours. 
About to hit the road. Phoenix is up next.

If you look closely you can see my beard on the right side. :D
Permalink Bored at work, here’s some beard progress.

Goal #2

Finally getting a break here at work to post about today’s weigh in. Last week I weighed in at 300 lbs, today I weighed in at 298.5 lbs. Goal number 1 has officially been achieved. Next goal is 290 lbs, baby steps. Building up my discipline has been a bit tough but I’m getting better.

Permalink Bringing in the new day with some C25k action.

Goal #1

Well here I am again weighing in on a Thursday. Goal #1 is to get under 300 and it didn’t happen this week. I’m right at 300 lbs as of this morning. At least I made some progress and dropped three pounds. Next week I shall once again be under 300 and hopefully never have to see that number again.


Goal #1

Forgot to weigh in yesterday but I weighed in today, things are pretty bad but not as bad as I expected. This was my first time weighing in since like January or February. I weighed in at 303 lbs, I expected it to be a lot more honestly. While I’m not happy with it, I’m also not sad or mad about it, it is what it is and I know what I have to do. Now I have a starting point, and my first goal is to get under 300. This week has been good, and I am laying the foundation for the habits that will guide me along my journey.