Jumbo Takes on the World

Hi, I'm Jonathan and this is my journey. I was once 320, then I weighed 240, then I shot back up to 280. This is my journey to reclaim my body and find the fit guy that I was always meant to be. Hope you enjoy the ride...

If only everyday looked like this. Today was a fantastic day, eating was on point, exercise was done, work wasn’t too bad, and I got some recreational reading done. By the way, do all the hot ladies go to the gym at 10ish at night? I’ve always ever gone to the gym 5ish in the morning or 12ish at night, and tonight I went at 10 and I’ve been missing out. Might just be making 10 o’clock at night my new gym time, not that I really look at the girls anyways but the few seconds of eye contact as I walk in and out are totally worth it, sigh. lol

  1. bikinisummer said: Yay hot gym people! Lol. Best motivation ever!
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